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Pavement scooters are great for everyday use and at Valley Mobility in Barnstaple, Devon, we are pleased to stock a fantastic collection from the best brands on the market.

The ultimate mobility aid for everyday outdoor use

Pavement scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph, making them ideal for popping out to visit friends, running errands, or simply taking a short trip. They’re also incredibly convenient to take apart and reassemble when needed, so are easy to store and easy to pack up into a vehicle.

But convenience should never come at the cost of comfort. At Valley Mobility Services, all our pavement scooters have suspension systems, comfortable seats and lots of legroom. Perfect for everyday use!

Our recommended pavement scooters are:

Some essential info on mobility scooters

We have models in stock to suit a variety of budgets

Ideal for busy or compact environments like supermarket aisles and high streets

With a long battery life, most pavement scooters can be driven up to 20 miles on a fully charged battery

Pavement scooters can only be driven on pavements and footpaths.

red pavement scooter

Want to ask about one of the scooters you can see on this page?

Contact our friendly shop in Barnstaple on

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