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daughter walking next to father in mobility scooter


Foldable scooters offer ultimate portability. Take them anywhere, store them with ease, and benefit from simple-to-operate manual and automatic folding options!

The scooter that is lightweight, portable, compact and easy to operate!

Folding scooters are an absolute godsend when time is of the essence and you just need to make a quick trip, or when storage and luggage space is limited. With both manual and automatic folding options available, they easily fold up in one compact and easy-to-manage (and store) piece.


As Class 2 scooters, foldable scooters can be driven on footpaths and pavements, and inside shops and public buildings, but should not be taken on roads.

Valley Mobility recommends the following folding scooters:

Electric folding scooters: perfect for holidays and days out!

Folding with just one click of a button (in some cases, in as little as 10 seconds), and lightweight due to their small battery, foldable scooters are perfect for holidays and daytrips. No fiddly parts or complex assembly instructions, so no stress for you! Despite their small battery and compact nature, our electric folding range still has an impressive travel range on a fully charged battery.

folding scooters

Enquire about our convenient and compact folding scooters by contacting Valley Mobility Services in Barnstaple, Devon, on:

01271 269259

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