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A purpose built accessible bathroom


Getting in and out of the bath shouldn’t be a chore – or a safety hazard. That’s why we offer a variety of bathroom aids here at Valley Mobility Services in Barnstaple.

Because using the bathroom should never be a chore

For many older people, as well as those with a disability or condition that means they require extra mobility support, getting in and out of the bath can be both difficult and unsafe. You may also need a robust form of support when it comes to washing and showering, which is where our bath lifts and bathroom aids come in.


Offering everything from non-slip mats to bath hoists and safety aids, we can help you transform your bathroom or shower into the accessible space it needs to be to fulfil your daily needs.

Valley Mobility Services recommends in bath lifts…

Our bathroom aid range includes:


Grab rails

Bath lifts

Non-slip mats

Toilet support rails

Showers chair, seats and stools

Bath seats and chairs

Toilet frames

Toilet seats

Accessible bathroom

Ask how our range of bathroom aids could make your life so much easier.

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01271 269259

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