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A boy in wheelchair with two teenager friends playing basketball outside at sunset


For those who live an active, on-the-go lifestyle, there really is no wheelchair better than the active wheelchair, and at Valley Mobility Services in Barnstaple, we have an excellent selection of these lightweight, highly versatile wheelchairs available.

The wheelchair for active, healthy lifestyles on the go

Active wheelchairs are all about delivery performance and user-friendliness. They are self-propelled, so you’ll need the upper-body strength to operate them. However, these lightweight models are designed to be an extension of your body, allowing you to get about with ease, participate in energetic sports, and stay 100% mobile.


Needless to say, we have active wheelchairs for all needs, including folding and rigid models, as well as children’s wheelchairs.

Handicap man playing basket sitting on a wheelchair and looking at camera holding the ball

Our active range includes:

Rigid active wheelchairs

Folding active wheelchairs

Children’s active wheelchairs

A variety of accessories

Power add-ons

Try-before-you-buy and hire services

Tried our range of add-ons

Add-ons give your wheelchair the ability to go farther, travel faster and do more than the wheelchair alone would otherwise allow. They include power wheels, off-road hand bikes and power-assisted features.

Woman in a wheelchair on a wheelchair ramp

Stay active, mobile and energised with Valley Mobility Services.

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