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If you have back problems or reduced mobility, getting in and out of bed (and sleeping comfortably) can be a challenge. At Valley Mobility Services in Barnstaple, Devon, we supply adjustable beds to suit most needs and budgets.

A huge range of beds available for all requirements

At Valley Mobility Services Ltd, we have a huge range of adjustable and electrically adjustable profiling beds available. In fact, each bed can be customised to your individual needs and preferences to ensure 100% satisfaction with your choice. When it comes to comfort, quality and style, we believe we can provide you with a bed that covers all three – at a price to match your budget.


We stock adjustable beds from many leading bed manufacturers including: One Rehab, Bradshaw and Royale. Our beds come with a 3–10-year guarantee.


Our electric adjustable beds are the perfect solution for anyone who has difficulty sleeping due to aches and pains. Moreover, they are extremely helpful to those who need extra support getting in and out of bed. Our valued customers are very pleased with these beds.

Valley Mobility Services recommends in electric beds…

Hands of a care-dependent person

Adjustable beds can help those with the following conditions:

Raised leg position


Fluid retention

Varicose veins



Pneumatic pain in knees, hips, legs and ankles

Raised head and leg position

Muscular aches and pains

Spinal and hip problems

Stress and tension

Bespoke beds

We can provide you with a selection of bespoke, electric adjustable beds, which are designed and manufactured to provide you with great comfort and to suit your individual lifestyle needs. Ideal for those with medical conditions such as back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, asthma, etc.

Our range of beds includes:

Paediatric beds

Acute beds

Adjustable beds

Adjustable electric beds

Bariatric beds

Home care beds

Care home beds

Residential care beds

Bespoke beds

Hospital Bed
Hospital bed remote alarm

Looking for an electric bed?

​​The electric bed range offers a wide choice of model variations for both domestic and care-home settings, along with a number of mattress choices to suit individual needs.


The options available include adjusting the height and length of each bed, drawer positioning, bed base style and of course fabric selection. All of our electric profiling bed ranges can be manufactured with upgraded weight limits up to 36 stone.

Speak with our knowledgeable staff about the right adjustable bed for you, on

01271 269259

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