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Cropped image of disabled woman in wheelchair with dogs outdoors


Multi-purpose, lightweight and versatile, powerchairs make it easy and comfortable to travel both indoors and outdoors. A huge range is available from Valley Mobility Services in Barnstaple, Devon.

Powerchairs offer unrivalled convenience and usability

The advantage electric wheelchairs possess over their manual counterpart is the battery-powered motor with which they come fitted. No need for an attendant to push you, and you won’t need to propel the wheelchair using your own upper-body strength.


With extra suspension and padded captain seats, powerchairs can be just as comfortable as the latest heavy-duty scooters!

wheelchair user and friend on campus

Why is comfort such an important factor?

As an electric wheelchair user, you will most likely use your powerchair on a regular if not continual basis – both inside and outside the home. For that reason, it’s essential that you take your personal comfort into consideration. Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff for their advice. We are always to help you come to an informed decision that is perfectly suited to you.

A setup that is suited to your lifestyle requirements

From folding powerchairs that can be readily packed up and stored away, to lightweight wheelchairs that are simple to take part and reassemble (ideal if you need to pack it into the boot of your car) there is an electric wheelchair to suit all needs.


As with all our products, we stock all the related accessories you could need.

powerchair example

We stock a large range of powerchairs from reliable and trusted manufacturers.

Find out what’s available now, on

01271 269259

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