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wheelchair user and cyclist by the sea


We have a great selection of off-road powered wheelchairs here at Valley Mobility Services in Barnstaple, Devon.

For unbridled freedom, indoors and off-road

All-terrain wheelchairs deliver everything their name suggests, enabling you to traverse even the muddiest, hilliest or most rugged of landscapes with ease.


High-powered, and with a chassis, suspension, motors, drive wheels and batteries all developed with the needs of the off-road user in mind, our all-terrain range will get you where you need to be, and let no obstacle stand in your way.

Power assisted wheelchair user

Tailored to the world you live in

Compact, comfortable, and with durable seating for kids and adults alike, our all-terrain wheelchairs are purpose-built for the lifestyle you lead, facilitating your activity whether in the classroom, at home, outdoors, on the sports field and, indeed, in any environment.

boy with muscular dystrophy operating electrical wheelchair in park

Stay mobile no matter what the terrain throws at you.

Speak to the friendly staff here at Valley Mobility Services on

01271 269259

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